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Screw Support Mounts - Series DLK

Dynemech Screw Support Mounts Series DLK are simple and effective vibration dampers for machines with respective holes in the base. These mounts offer both low frequency attenuation and stable machine levelling.

The DLK Series of Vibration damping and leveling mounts provide fast and easy installation of machines. These Anti-vibration mounts provide enhanced component finish/part tolerance and extend tool and machinery life. The machine mounts provide improved health protection and better structural safety. DLK series Anti-vibration mounts have steel body and are used for machines having mounting holes in the base. This leveling mount has a cover plate and dimpled bottom plate holding the insulation plate. Leveling is done by tightening the bolt which lifts the cover plate with the machine foot. The vibration insulating Base pad is made of composite material at varying composition giving different natural frequencies to provide vibration damping solutions to all types of industrial machines. These vibration isolation plates are resistant to water, almost all the coolants, chemicals, fuels, lubricating oils used in the modern machine shop. These vibration insulating machine pads will not deform plastically, if the weight of machine does not exceed maximum load value of the insulation plates.

Model Load (Kg/pc) Bolt Size Dia(D) mm H mm Adjust. Range mm Applications
DLK1-a 580 M12 x 100 92 48 10 Applications: Textile Machines, CNC Machines, Power Presses, Plastic injection Moulding Machines, Pressure Die Casting Machines, Printing and Textile Machines etc. Textile Machines, Compressors, Grinding Machines,
All types of Heavy Industrial Applications.
DLK1-b 750 M12 x 100 92 48 10
DLK1-c 900 M12 x 100 92 48 10
DLK2-a 1200 M16 x 100 135 50 10
DLK2-b 1900 M16 x 100 135 50 10
DLK2-c 2600 M16 x 100 135 50 10
DLK3-a 2900 M20 x 150 187 50 12
DLK3-b 3400 M20 x 150 187 50 12
DLK3-c 4200 M20 x 150 187 50 12
DLK4-a 4000 M24 x 150 229 78 20
DLK4-b 5000 M24 x 150 229 78 20
DLK4-c 6000 M24 x 150 229 78 20

 NOTE: DLK1 - Bolt Sizes - M10, M12, M16, M20 can also be supplied on request.

                DLK2 - Bolt Sizes - M10, M12, M16, M20, M24 possible on special request.

                DLK3 - Bolt Sizes - M10, M12, M16, M20,M24  possible on special request.

                  DLK4 - Bolt Sizes - M10, M12, M16, M20, M24, M30 possible on special request.













Advantages of Dynemech DLK Mounts:


1. Different products/customized solutions possible.

2. Simple integration into the production plant due to flexible installation.

3. Significantly increased productivity without higher breakdown risk

4. Extended Tool And Machinery Life.

5. Better Structural Safety.

6. High precision levelling and accurate alignment possible.




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Applications of DLK Levelling and Machine Mounts - Series DLK:

Textile Machine Mounts
Anti-Vibration Machine Mounts for Textile Machines

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