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Dynemech Machine Base Mounts  Series  SL

Dynemech Machine Base Mounts Series SL is used for light to medium weight machines suited to levelling screw support or having tapped hole in the base. These are suitable for placing in the pocket of the machine base.


Dynemech Machine Base Mounts Series SLS, developed in stainless steel finds application in pharmaceutical, food and beverages processing and packaging units, medical equipment manufacturing and chemical processing industries. Provide vibration isolation with complete hygienic seal and corrosion resistance.

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Machine Base Mounts Series SL

Leveling Mounts Series SL

Dimensional Drawing - Series SL

Model Max. Load (kg/pc) Model Max. Load (kg/pc) Model

Max. Load (kg/pc)

Length (L)


Width (W)


Height (mm)


SL 1 U 450 SL 1 m 500 SL 1 h 1100 80 64 30 
SL 2 U 950 SL 1 m 1100 SL 1 h 2400 75 150 29 



Advantages of Machine Base Anti Vibration Mounts : 

1. Levelled, stable base for machinery or equipment
2. Protection from vibration transmission
3. Cost effective solution for uneven machine base, weak uneven floors.
4. Rugged load bearing casting.
6. Stops structure borne noise and machines from walking
7. Effective machinery isolation and leveling even in low installation height.
8. Bolting mechanism for point load leveling and fastening the equipment/machinery to the mount.
9.Varitey of thread lengths and foot sizes available
10. Bolt down version also available, Series SLT


Applications : 

CNCs, Vertical Machining Centers, Turning Centers, Milling Machines, Lathes, Grinding Machines,  Injection Molding Machines, Notching Machines, Transformers, Pumping Equipment, Compressors, and other industrial applications.



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