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Dynemech Texl Foot Machine Mounts  Series  DTXL

Low cost solution for Shock Absorption and Vibration Control. Rugged CI body mount provide option for low height machinery installation option. Simple, ready to install configuration with top cup and bottom base plate bolting options. Provides stability, smoother operation and reduced maintenance in machinery. High efficiency, stable fixed support, long service life of mounts ensures greater productivity of machinery. .


machine leveling feet, vibration dampening pads, Series dtxl, Texl Foot

Texl Foot Machine Mounts Series DTXL

Leveling Mounts Series DTXLvibration isolation pads, lathe leveling feet, Series dtxl

Dimensional Drawing - Series DTXL

Model A (mm) H (mm) G (mm) d (mm)

F (mm)



DTXL 1 108 40 M12 12 175 150



Applications : 

Applications: Gensets, Compressors, Pumps, Blowers, Fans and Motor Units, Centrifuges, Cooling Towers, Plastic and Rubber Processing Machinery, Construction Equipments, Agricultural Instruments, Textile Machines, Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Industry , Packaging equipment, Granulators, Conveyors, General Industrial Machinery



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