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Dynemech Jackup Mounts  Series  DJM

Dynemech provides isolation solutions for various machines and mounting conditions. Dynemech Jackup Mounts provide effective vibration isolation. Series DJM Jackup Mounts also provide for high machine leveling capabilities. The exchangeable sockets below provide for many designs as per customer's requirements. Series DJM leveling elements provide high load capacity and best level stability. The bottom design provides for non-skid properties for the Jackup Mounts. Series DJM adjustable levellers are ideal for passive vibration isolation.


Addressing a multitude of machine leveling problems, Dynemech has designed and developed Machine Jackup Mounts , Series DJM. Series DJM, adjustable levellers or Leveling Elements provide levelled, stable machinery base to mitigate vibration transmission and compensate for uneven floors. Simple , cost effective solutions for quick machinery installation. Cast fitting and hard damping elastomer provide horizontal stability and anti slip - high friction grip. Resistant to most industrial oils, coolants and chemicals. Precise leveling possible.

Jackup adjustable feet, Jackup adjustable levellers Jackup levelling legs, Jackup machine feet, Dynemech vibration isolation,

Jackup Leveling Mounts Series DJM

Dynemech Jackup Leveling Mounts Series DJM -Dimensionsvibration isolation pads, lathe leveling feet, Series DJM

Dimensional Drawing - Series DJM

machine levelling ,Leveling Legs,with adapter M20 Jackup-Leveling-Mount-top-antiskid,heavy duty leveling feet Jackup-Leveling-Mount-top-antiskid,heavy duty leg levelers Jackup-Leveling-Mount-countersink,heavy duty leg levelers

Interchangeable Leveling Socket

Model Load Capacity (kg/pc) Height (H) (mm) Dia (D) (mm) G (mm)

HEX (h)(mm)

DJM-0 850 49 90


(Length 38mm)

DJM-1 1500 49 120


(Length 38mm)

DJM-2 2500 49 160


(Length 38mm)


 Note: Please mention type of socket required at the time of ordering.



Applications : 

Machine Tools, Textile Machines, Printing and Packaging Machinery, Graphics Machines, Planners, Food, beverage and pharmaceutical equipment, Conveyors , Power Packs, Test stands, Drive train applications, Measuring Tables and other industrial applications.



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