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CNC Machine Tool : Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is a acknowledged way to maximize the return on huge investments in capital equipment. The correct scheduling of preventive maintenance is essential to decrease the system's failures and related corrective maintenance .  


Nowadays, preventive maintenance is a widely accepted practice that focuses towards maximizing productivity and reducing down time. Effective maintenance of CNC Machines improves machine life and reduces cost per part production, besides ensuring accuracy and repeatability in production.


Preventive Maintenance consisting of inspection, cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, alignment, levelling and/or replacement of damaged components focuses on changing the aging characteristics of the components to decrease chances of unexpected failures.


Vibrations are known to affect all wiring connections and electrical components on all machine tools. Modern CNC Servo systems of CNC machine tools are affected by vibrations causing tracking and contour errors that can be controlled through vibration avoidance. A well-rounded preventive maintenance program takes into account vibration control of machines also.


An inadequately levelled machine causes undamped, rocking vibrations that hampers productivity. An inadequately firm or non stable floor aggravates the vibration transmission problem. So, the location of the machine on the shop floor, followed by proper leveling of the entire machine needs to be scheduled regularly.


Dynemech Vibration Control Technology supplies tested and verified solutions to contain vibration transmission on shop floors. Our Machine Mounting Systems provide leveling adjustments and vibration damping besides, option of keeping the machine at a height to ensure proper cleaning underneath.


Dynemech TPM Series Mounts have a height of 100mm/150 mm (as per client requirement) at mean position to help proper cleaning and repairing under the machine as per TPM guidelines for machine installation by IMTMA.


VIBRATION CONTROL and ACCURATE LEVELLING of Machine Tool important component of Preventive Maintenance.



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